Welcome to TheTiaraTwins.com, Giavanna and Alycesaundra are Fraternal twins they are 6 yrs old and enjoy modeling and acting. They were featured on Toddlers and Tiaras earlier this year with their pets ,Tom the Turkey and Butterball the baby Sheep. The girls model for European Brand Bbk and have filmed several shows including a series for European Television. In October they are planning a trip to Europe to work on a new project and make lots of memories. Giavanna and Alycesaundra live in a very small farm town in South Carolina and although their adventures take them to glamourise and exciting places, Home is on the farm! And on any given day you can find these two cuties in a field covered in mud, putting hairbows on their cows and sheep or dressing the chickens as babydolls and pushing them in the baby stroller. One thing is for sure there is NEVER a dull moment with these girls. Their exuberant zest for life and captivating personalities will keep you thrilled for the chase.