Giavanna and Alycesaundra are Fraternal twins they are 6 yrs old and enjoy modeling and acting. They were featured on Toddlers and Tiaras earlier this year with their pets ,Tom the Turkey and Butterball the baby Sheep. The girls model for European Brand Bbk and have filmed several shows including a series for European Television. In October they are planning a trip to Europe to work on a new project and make lots of memories. Giavanna and Alycesaundra live in a very small farm town in South Carolina and although their adventures take them to glamourise and exciting places, Home is on the farm! And on any given day you can find these two cuties in a field covered in mud, putting hairbows on their cows and sheep or dressing the chickens as babydolls and pushing them in the baby stroller. One thing is for sure there is NEVER a dull moment with these girls. Their exuberant zest for life and captivating personalities will keep you thrilled for the chase.


Names Giavanna & Alycesaundra ( The Tiara Twins )
Nicknames: Gia and Aly
Parents Names: Ron & Kelly
Where are you from: Johnsonville, South Carolina
Age: 6 yrs old
School: Currently home schooled Kindergarden
Favorite subject: Alycesaundra LOVES to read & Giavanna LOVES to draw and color on everything except paper
Brothers and sisters: Giavanna & Alycesaundra are twins and do not have any other siblings
Pets: we have a whole farm full of pets about 100 cows, 20 chickens, Tom the Turkey, around 20 sheep, 2 ducks, 2 pythons, an albino hedgehog, a mule, 2 dogs, and a rabbit, and last but not least the Geese
Hobbies: we love to dance, model, color, going to chicken auctions with our daddy, gymnastics, & pageants
Favorite color: Alycesaundra’s is Pink and Giavanna’s is Red
Favorite Movie: Popeye, The Super Friends
Fashion Item you can’t live without: A scarf and Clear lipgloss
Favorite thing to do on the weekends: Fishing with daddy &  Antique Shopping with Mommy ( you have never been closer to a nervous breakdown )
How long have you been modeling: started modeling at age 6 months
Are you currently signed with an agency: We are currently signed with a local agency and we have a manager but we just signed a 2 yr contract with MMG in NYC
What do you like most about modeling: we love to travel and have our pictures taken but we REALLY love it when we can choose our own wardrobe, it is really fun and always makes our mommy laugh
What do you like the least about modeling: Makeup
Favorite experience so far: Giavanna flew to LA for a photoshoot with Joey King, Ava Allen, Avalon Robbins, & Giavanna Papasavvas, it was an honor for her to work on a set with such beautiful and accomplished models. Alycesaundra just modeled at the ENK children’s show in NYC and absolutely LOVED modeling and making friends with all of the older girls. She especially loved signing autographs when people would recognize her from television!
Who travels with you: Our Mom, Dad, security & our Nanny travel with us and we also have a pretty POSH tour bus that we travel in, completely covered in our photos.
Do you prefer indoor or outdoor photoshoots: We prefer to shoot outdoors only because there is so much more to explore.
What do you want to be when you grow up: Alycesaundra wants to be “Taller” 1st answer and a “Singer”. Giavanna wants to be “a dancer” and “Taller like sister”
Three words that describe Alycesaundra: Vivacious, Sincere, Precious
& Giavanna: Feisty, Dainty, Darling